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Cookie Conundrum

So I made a self promise to limit my baking for a bit. I lasted about a week, but I was tempted by an enticing bag of chocolate chips. I swear, for some reason, chocolate chips just disappear in my apartment! I feel like I keep buying chips, but they somehow get eaten before I manage to use them. Anyways, I had about a third of a bag of chocolate chips left, so I wanted to put them to good use, and make chocolate chip cookies that look like actual cookies. As some of you know, I have a bit of a problem with baking cookies. Truth be told, cookies and I have a love/hate relationship: I love to make them & they hate to look like actual cookies. They never flatten out, and instead look like little balls of dough. Not too appetizing at all. So I was on the hunt for a good chocolate chip cookie recipe that would result in something that looked like a legitimate cookie.

And success was mine! After following the recipe to a tee (well besides halving the recipe because of missing chocolate chips), I had proper chocolate chip cookies! I had a tiny bit of leftover dough, so I made 4 extra cookies and put them on a different baking sheet. I baked the cookies for the same exact time, but low and behold, these 4 sad little cookies looked nothing like cookies. Instead, they looked burnt & didn’t spread at all. Weird, no? Clearly, my oven has an attitude problem and refuses to cooperate for more than one cookie sheet in a given day. Hence my cookie conundrum:

Can You Spot the Difference?

Question: Has anything similar happened to you?

Culinary adventures never cease to amaze me! Hopefully, yours turn out like my first round. 😉

Happy Baking!