Mr. Cookie Monster

Hello, my name is Dani & I am definitely addicted to baking. Does bakers anonymous exist? If so, I might need to start attending meetings immediately, but I’m not ready to admit I have a baking problem yet. I’ll just miss the smell of delicious cookies, cakes, or breads permeating the air too much. The funniest part of my baking addiction is that I do not enjoy eating my baked goods as much as I enjoy making them. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to mix a few ingredients together and create something delicious that other people can enjoy with a smile!

So, yesterday, someone asked me if I had any cookies in the apartment. And, low and behold, I actually DIDN’T! I felt so guilty that I went to the store just to buy some chocolate chips and brown sugar (I got guittard milk chocolate chips because they are amazing. period. the end). I made some everything cookies filled with oats, peanut butter, and chocolate chips.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Goodness

I also made some Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Chip cookies. Sadly, we didn’t have any butttah, so I used crisco instead, which made the cookies a bit more crumbly. Lesson learned Paula Deen: I won’t mess with buttah. When a recipe calls for buttttaaaah, I am adding me some butttaaaah. But they did look purrrdy:

They Call Me Mr. Chocolate

I need to bake something tasty for a bake sale to raise money for Relay for Life on Wednesday. If anyone has any recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Baking! Hope everyone has a restful and relaxing Sunday funday.

3 responses to “Mr. Cookie Monster

  1. The Green Eyed Runner


  2. how about chocolate lava cake? or little chocolate lava cupcakes…

  3. livelaughloveandrun

    I was totally baking a ton too, but then I was too tempted to eat it all. I have no self control with homemade baked goods. Your cookies look yummy though!!!

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