Sorry for not posting about a recipe or two for a while. I’m actually at home for a couple of days, and my mom is on a health kick, so I am trying to limit the amount I am baking. Currently, my lunches seem to be consisting of cranberry walnut bread, and delicious cheeses. Dinners are salads with fish & turkey. Nothing too exciting. Now, on to more important things…

I think I may be a not so secret hoarder. But wait, before you completely judge me, it’s not like I hoard everything. No, I only hoard some things. Actually, I don’t know if that makes it any better or worse, so feel free to continue judging me. I don’t think I will end up on that Hoarding show anytime soon, and you can see the floor in my apartment, which I consider a solid non-hoarding sign, right? Then again, maybe all hoarders all say that…. Ugh, now I am really starting to worry about myself. Oh well, my mom did always tell me I was a special kid. 😉

So when I was younger, and a bit to this day, I used to hoard office supplies. I never was really into Barbies or dolls as a kid. Instead, I really really really loved office supplies. How weird is that? I can’t explain it at all, but for some reason, whenever I got a new set of post-its, I just wanted to save them! For some reason, if the world is crashing & all we need are post–its to survive, I will be set & will help save you too, I promise! Somewhere inside the depths of my parents’ garage, I am sure you will find a huge plastic storage container filled with various notebooks and more post-its than a normal human being will ever go through in a lifetime, or two. If it counts for anything, I am able to admit that I have a problem. I’m trying to get better & not buy any more office supplies.

Recently, I’ve really been into collecting Starbucks mugs from different cities! They look something like this, and are perfect for drinks (both hot and cold), oatmeal, and other great treats. Because I have been busy with work and school and what not, I have not had much time to travel recently. Thankfully, I have amazing friends and family who have been picking me up a mug when they travel. My dad has gone out of the country on business, and he tries to pick me up a mug or two from various places in Europe and Asia. Although Starbucks is not in every country (much to my surprise because I see one on every second corner in California), these mugs serve as a little collection of travels and the memories associated with those. I never realized how expensive those little mugs can be in different parts of the world, so I am really appreciative of every single person who has thought of me when they were traveling and brought one back!

The most ironic part of my new “habit” is that I am not an avid coffee drinker at all! Although I enjoy a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino now and then, I really cannot stand the aftertaste of coffee. Instead, I prefer tea. Oooh, or Starbucks makes the most amazing iced-tea lemonades! Seriously, if you haven’t had one yet, go try one on a nice warm day. They really hit the spot. All their different tea varieties are delicious, but I prefer a half black/half hibiscus with a pump or two of sugar (I don’t like mine too sweet). Anyways, yesterday I decided to start keeping a list of the mugs I have. I’m writing down where the mug is from, when I got it, and who gave it to me. Since my memory is so shot, I figured this would be a good way to remember everything if the collection ever gets to be too big. So, if you’re ever off traveling anywhere, and would like to bring me back a Starbucks mug from that city or country, it would be greatly appreciated. 😉


Question: Now that I’ve shared my dirty little habits, are you a secret hoarder? Do you collect any items? Please share!

P.S. It’s raining pretty hard here, & my dog hates walking/being out in the rain. We took him out for a couple seconds, so he could do his business, and he is now drenched. He’s running around like a mad man dog trying to dry himself off. I wish he could stay still long enough, so I could take a picture!

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