So you had a bad day? Join the pity party.

Today, was awful. Not in a dramatic my period is due tomorrow way, but in a life questioning way. The day starting off great: I had to get up incredibly early for my first day of work this week, and I am not a morning person to say the least. After barely dragging my half dead body out of bed, I thought that today would go swell. But, boy, was I wrong. After venting about doing poorly on a very important exam to everyone who would listen and even those who would not, I did what any self respecting female would do, and I ate my feelings. Perfectly toasted open face tuna melt with melted provolone cheese on a hearty slice of Whole Foods whole wheat. Delish, and relatively healthy. After properly washing away my feelings with a nice cold tonic water, I proceeded to browse food blogs. The delectable pictures and witty banter always cheer me up, and then I figured, why not start my own blog? I love to eat more than any normal human being, and I can more or less string a coherent sentence together, so why shouldn’t I, write a blog? So here I am, sitting at my computer, attempting to navigate what should be an easy internet site with the technological savvy of a bed ridden great grandmother. I invite you to join me as I share my overly hyped and vaguely boring daily tribulations as I attempt to navigate life, moving back home for law school, and getting back in shape while never giving up my first true loves: cooking and eating.

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